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How can I check my garage door?

The most important thing is to check the balance of the door. After unplugging and disconnecting the electric operator, open the panel to the height of your chest and see if the door drifts slightly. This is the ideal balance. If the door moves upwards or falls downwards, it will need to be balanced.

Why the door must be balanced?

If the door is not properly balanced, it will sag to one side. It won't open and close properly and will put more force on the garage door parts of one side. That's why extension garage door springs must be replaced in pairs. They must counterbalance the door with equal power on both sides.

What makes Clopay springs different?

Even though these torsion springs are very similar to the regular ones, they are mounted on the sides of the shaft and not in the center. Most two-car garage doors require just one torsion spring. It is typically installed on the left side of the shaft. It is connected to a winder which sits right next to the drum. When the door is very wide, the shaft is composed of two separate pieces connected with a coupler in the center.

Does my garage door need reinforcing if I install an automatic door opener?

Yes it does. Without reinforcement, your door can suffer damage and the warranty will be voided. The amount and type of reinforcing necessary depends on the model and size of your door. Our experts are specialists in the procedure to reinforce any door so it adheres to manufacturer's specifications and won't be damaged by your new opener. Give us a call today for more information.

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